Steve Ruhnke Construction Inc. offers the best services for residential excavating and land developing clients in Washington.

For close to three decades, we have been offering some of the biggest land developers and builders the best construction services within our service area. We are always eager to take on new projects. 

Does your company have a big project on the schedule? Are you looking for the right company to prepare the site for your major residential or commercial project? Check out our range of services to determine if we could be your next reliable partner.

Services We Offer

We’ve established ourselves as the number one construction and dirt company for developers and big builders. 

Here are the core services we offer our esteemed clients and partners:

Residential Home Foundation Excavation

The foundation of a residential project is the most important part. It has to be handled by the right company if sustainability is the goal. We handle all aspects of residential home foundation excavation, from site clearance to dewatering of the excavation if it is necessary.

Once contracted, we work on your terms. We move in the right equipment and manpower to the site as soon as possible. If there is a need to clear the site of vegetation, we take care of that. We set out the foundation layout for excavation, and then use the right machine to excavate. If there is a need to pump out water from the excavation, we do that to ensure that the foundation is ready for concreting.

SRC Land Development

Do you need to develop a piece of land? Our SRC land development service can be just what you need. We rank high among the top 10% of 128,670 Washington licensed contractors because of the quality of service we deliver on land development projects.

Depending on the goals you have for a proposed property and the role you want us to play, we have the knowledge, experience, workforce, and equipment to complete it in record time. We never compromise on quality.

Raw Land Development for Residential Housing

If you have a large land area for a residential housing development, our raw land development for residential housing is the perfect service for you. We can step in at the initial stage of the project and help prepare the land, to the level that you can move in and start building immediately.

We can take on any project, regardless of the nature of the raw land. We have every important machine required to bring your plat to the level that builders can step in. Our skilled, motivated team is always ready to take on the next challenging project.

VAC Truck Rentals

If you need to rent a vacuum truck for your project, we can provide you with some of the most powerful VAC trucks in Washington.

With nearly 30 years of experience in the industry, we understand why it is important to work with the right machines. We’ve also invested in the best equipment available, including powerful vacuum trucks. We rent them at the best prices in the industry.

Pumping Out and Proper Disposal of Waste

We will go to any lengths to see that your site is safe and ready for construction. We will pump out liquid, sludge, and solids from underground water tanks, trenches, floor drains, oil/water separators, clarifiers, pits, and sumps.

We use the correct equipment to pump out any waste in a safe manner. We also understand the importance of proper waste disposal, so rest assured that we will dispose of all waste the right way. Sustainability is one of our key values.

Take Advantage of Our Full Suite of Services

Steve Ruhnke Construction caters to the needs of large developers and major builders in Washington. We provide a full suite of services to land development clients and residential excavating clients. We have a reputation for delivering excellent service, and for having the happiest workforce in the industry.


Do you need us to handle your project and get it right the first time? Do you want to join our team of enthusiastic employees? Contact us today to learn more.

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